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Permanent Extension School (Escuela Permanente de Extensión-EPE-), San Antonio, Texas

Since its launch in 1944, the Permanent Extension School of the UNAM in San Antonio symbolizes the tradition of academic and cultural collaboration that exists between the US and Mexico.

Its mission is to promote better understanding between Mexico and the United States through English and Spanish language courses and general courses in Mexican culture. It also provides academic support to Mexican immigrants to the United States, while promoting the UNAM’s image and activities within educational institutions in the United States. Moreover, the Center serves to enhance the international presence of the UNAM by means of academic mobility strategies and cooperative development of academic programs, including establishment ties to business sectors and alliances with US universities in order to promote enrollment in the UNAM.

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Extension School of Los Angeles (Centro de Enseñanza Para Extranjeros-CEPE-), Los Ángeles California

The Extension School of Los Angeles (ESELA) began operations in May 2005 with the mission of extending the UNAM’s cultural and educational project to the US City of Los Angeles.

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The Extension School of Chicago (Escuela de Extensión Chicago-ESECH-), Chicago, Illinois

In light of the more than one million residents of Mexican extraction living in the Chicago area and the city’s social and cultural importance in the US Midwest, a new Extension School was established under a Letter of Understanding signed by the UNAM, the Mexican Public Education and Foreign Relations Secretariats and the mayor’s office of Chicago.

Opened in 2001, the new center joins the constellation of university extension sites operated by the UNAM that currently includes centers in San Antonio, Texas (EPESA, founded in 1944); Taxco, Mexico, (CEPE-Taxco, opened in 1992); in Gatinau, Canada (ESECA opened in 1995) and in Los Angeles, California (ESELA, opened in 2005).

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United States and Canadian Pacific Northwest Office of the UNAM

Established in February 2009 in Washington State this Office is charged with the duties of extending ties between the UNAM and universities of the United States and Canadian Pacific Northwest. The Office promotes visiting professorships as well as courses, workshops and seminars in fields of interest for partner universities, while disseminating and promoting their academic endeavors, securing public and private financing, and encouraging students to finish their studies in the Open University.




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